ABBYY Dubs September Intelligent Automation Month

As software companies continue to integrate aspects of AI into software automation platforms, intelligent automation has emerged as an industry-wide term for the technology that is making the automation of business processes simpler. To bring that message to a wider audience, Bay Area platform provider ABBYY is leading an effort to make this September the first Intelligent Automation Month.

ABBYY Dubs September Intelligent Automation Month

The company said it will partner with firms active in the intelligent automation ecosystem including Doculabs, FormTran, MCCi, Pipefy, Reveal Group, TransUnion and others for a month of digital events exploring and explaining intelligent automation and the value it brings to end users in a variety of verticals.

“The intelligent automation ecosystem is brimming with forward-thinking innovators who help businesses work smarter and provide more impactful customer experiences,” said Gabrielle Lukianchuk, chief marketing officer at ABBYY. “We felt it was important to help businesses cut through the hype and hear first-hand how we collectively are combining experience and innovation to enable maximum ROI on IT initiatives. We’re excited to spearhead Intelligent Automation Month in collaboration with other automation leaders who are elevating enterprises to the next level of operational efficiency.”

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