Everest Group Names EdgeVerve, Mimica, NICE, Nintex, Soroco And UiPath As Task Mining ‘Leaders’

The Everest Group, a global technology consultant based in Dallas, has released its annual evaluation of the task mining software market with a minor shakeup at the top. The company, which produces a “PEAK Matrix” report for providers in dozens of technology sectors (including RPA, automation services, process mining and intelligent document processing) brought back EdgeVerve, NICE, Nintex and Soroco as “Leaders” in the task mining space. UiPath and U.K.-based Mimica Automation moved from “Major Contenders” in 2022 to Leaders this year.

Everest Group Names EdgeVerve, Mimica, NICE, Nintex, Soroco And UiPath As Task Mining ‘Leaders’

Task mining software enables businesses to capture inputs like keystrokes, mouse clicks, activity screenshots and others involved in executing a process and provide analysis on those inputs to see how automation technology can best be employed. It provides increasingly important intelligence as companies continue to pursue intelligent automation strategies in search of increased efficiency and cost savings.

The consultancy ranked 19 companies that provide task mining technology on two axes: ”market impact” and “vision and capability.” It separates them according to their position on the matrix into “aspirants,” “major contenders” and “leaders.”

In addition to the six Leaders, task mining technology evaluated by Everest Group for the report includes solutions from: ABBYY, Automation Anywhere, Celonis, Cyclone Robotics, Epiance, IBM, Microsoft, Optimus Hive, Skan, StereoLOGIC, UltimateSuite and Workfellow. While the company sells a version of the report on its website that includes a full market and trend analysis, the graph showing the relative positions of the companies included in the evaluation is publicly available.

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