RPA Developments

The RPA industry is growing at an unprecedented pace, with new products, features, and innovations being introduced every day.

RPA Developments

Some of the latest developments in RPA include:

  • Integration with AI and ML:  RPA is increasingly being integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to enable intelligent automation, which can automate complex and cognitive tasks.
  • Cloud-based RPA Solutions:  Cloud-based RPA is gaining popularity due to its scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Cloud-based RPA solutions enable organizations to scale their automation quickly and easily.
  • Low-Code RPA:  Low-Code RPA solutions are emerging as a game-changer, enabling non-technical users to build and manage automation workflows with ease. This trend is expected to democratize and drive broader adoption.

UiPath News

  • UiPath's acquisition of Re:infer : UiPath recently acquired Re:infer.ai a platform that uses AI to extract insights from conversation data, such as customer service calls and emails. This in turn introduced a new product launch UiPath Communication Mining , it turns every message into actionable data, in real-time and on any communication channel.   
  • UiPath Solution Accelerators : UiPath use case accelerators are automation frameworks that are custom-built for specific use cases. These frameworks use best practices and pre-built components which can be modified, expanded, and customized based on the needs of specific use cases and customers, enabling faster time to value for your automation programs.  


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