Comparing the main features - UiPath vs Automation Anywhere vs Blue Prism

The best and the most suited tool according to our needs we are comparing the top 3 RPA tools industry leaders - UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and BluePrism.

Comparing the main features - UiPath vs Automation Anywhere vs Blue Prism

Comparing the main features - UiPath vs Automation Anywhere vs Blue Prism

1. Architecture Type:

There are two types of architecture - client-server based architecture and web-based orchestrator. 

Client-server architecture is a kind of network architecture in which each node or computer is either a client or a server. 

While a web-based orchestrator helps connect automated tasks into a unified workflow that is defined to attain a specific goal with permissions oversight and policy enforcement. 

"Blue prism and Automation Anywhere is a server-based architecture and UiPath is a web-based Orchestrator."

2. Robots:

Now the robots can be of two kinds that work on the front office or at the back office. Front office comprising of customer service, marketing, and websites., and the back office includes operations, such as information technology, human resources, and inventory management. 

"Blue prism can automate back-office operations and Ui-Path and automation anywhere work on both front and back-office automation."

3. Visual Designer:

A user-friendly visual designer that can help automate repetitive business processes and also eliminate human intervention. 

"In this UiPath is a clear winner as it offers a user-friendly dashboard with simple drag-and-drop functionalities. And Automation Anywhere is developer-friendly and is completely script-based. While Blue Prism is much easier than Automation Anywhere and is a visual designer based but not completely like UiPath." 

4. Programming Skills:

UiPath doesn't require any programming language knowledge. It provides RPA functionalities in a much simpler way than any other RPA tools. Blue prism needs a basis of programming to manage the business objects and Automation Anywhere does require a little knowledge of coding to use the activities.

5. Accessibility:

UiPath has mobile and browser accessibility, while blue prism and automation anywhere can be accessed through apps. 

Source: Gartner

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