Features & Project Templates of UiPath

We have different features ad Project Templates in UiPath

Features & Project Templates of UiPath

Features of UiPath

  • In-built recorder: Users can record their activities using its in-built recorder.
  • Scalability: It has effective debugging handling mechanisms. It can also handle various AI applications.
  • Hosting options: Hosting can be done in a virtual terminal or a cloud.
  • Central repository: It consists of a centralized repository that enhances simultaneous handling of robots by users.
  • Application compatibility: UiPath is compatible with various applications, including desktop and web applications.
  • Scrapping functionality: It has an advanced scrapping functionality (wizard-driven) that allows users to perform data scrapping. Users can scrape data from various applications.

Project Templates

The different project templates present in UiPath are as follows:

  • Process – Used to create a blank project to design various types of automation projects

  • Library – This template is used to create reusable components and then publish them together as a library. The libraries created can be further added as dependencies to automation processes.

  • Orchestration Process – As the name suggests, this type of project template is used to implement a process through service orchestration and long transactions.

  • Background Process – The Background Process is used to create a process that does not require user interactions and can run as a background process. Also, multiple background processes can run simultaneously on the same robot.

  • Robotic Enterprise Framework – This type of project template is used to create a business process suitable for large scale deployments.

  • Trigger Based Attended Automation – As the name suggests, this type of project is used to trigger automation in response to a keyboard or mouse user events.

  • Transactional Process – This template is used to model the automation workflow as a flowchart.

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