UiPath Partners With Peraton To Reach Gov’t Agencies With Automation Technology

UiPath recently announced a partnership with intelligent automation services provider Peraton to deliver its technology to U.S. government agencies. Peraton, which provides cloud-based managed services to intelligence, defense and civilian agencies in the U.S. government, will now offer their clients, many who operate in sensitive and secure environments, UiPath technology as they continue their automation journeys.

UiPath Partners With Peraton To Reach Gov’t Agencies With Automation Technology

“Automation can be a potent ‘arrow in the quiver’ for civilian, defense and the intelligence community—as well as for American businesses and citizens—as we move forward into a future of renewal, resilience, and readiness,” said Mike Daniels, senior vice president of Public Sector at UiPath. “With automation, implementations happen fast, and improvements are immediate. Our partnership with Peraton will enable us to jointly push automation out to the edge to effect where services are delivered, which leads to better outcomes and improved employee experiences.”

Process automation has been an important part of federal efforts to leverage digital technologies to optimize what has traditionally been a slow-moving bureaucracy. Most recently, the White House issued an  executive order on Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government, instructing federal agencies to modernize government programs and find ways to reduce costly, time-consuming administrative tasks.

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